Pagan Paul and Tasty Tina are back—and teaming up with “Dirty Mother” Denise Cumor to bring you this Beltane’s Sexperiments! We may even s-expand to include other attractions and s-exquisite s-exhibits! S-exercise your imagination at no s-extra s-expense.

Join us in cabins E&F as we once again present the Strip Club and other possibilities for your sensual and sexual enjoyment. The Strip Club will feature a top-of-the-line rotating stripper pole, so everyone (men and women) can experience what it's like to be a stripper, or just to dance in front of a crowd of strangers. Bring your favorite songs on your iPod!

Please be aware that no real money will be exchanged, but we will once again provide Venus dollars that can be earned and spent in creative ways.

Other ideas for theme rooms (such as a massage room) have also been proposed by members, and if you'd like to suggest something specific, please contact us. Volunteers are needed as club hosts and setup and cleanup crews. Anyone interested in helping out should contact Tina and PaganPaul via email at paganpaul1 at yahoo dot com for details.

We'll be open every evening from 9:00p until about 1:00a, and we'll also be hosting a couple of classes!

We look forward to s-exposing you to our s-extreme s-expertise! See you there!

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