Free Spirit Alliance: Helping Network the Pagan Community Since 1985

About FSA

The Free Spirit Alliance is a spiritual networking organization serving the Pagan and Pantheist religious communities. Founded in 1985, our focus is and has been on presenting national, regional, and local events where people from all backgrounds can learn and share ideas.

FSA serves the community primarily via Free Spirit Gathering (FSG), held each June. Our fall intensive, Mythical Journeys, is on hiatus.

We also co-sponsor and assist with several smaller events and rituals in the greater Washington/Baltimore area; for complete information on our events, please visit our main site. If you’d like us to consider supporting your event, or if you have a charitable endeavor to suggest, please send a note to the Outreach folks.

What does FSA mean to you? What do you think we should be doing? Please send a note to the President and tell us what’s on your mind.

The next business meeting will be the Town Hall, which will take place Saturday, 20 June at FSG; please check the meetings page for details. Please drop a line to the Registrar if you are planning to attend just the meeting.

If you're a member of the FSA and you are not receiving meeting notices, please send a note to the Secretary.

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